The past design are shown inside the online supplementary dining table A1

The past design are shown inside the online supplementary dining table A1


The fresh new regression performance modifying getting related confounders and handle parameters is showed for three chose consequences: (1) relationships cohorts, (2) birth control count on and you will (3) abortion inclination. Due to the newest telecommunications terms and conditions and you will date dependency specified on the model, it is hard to translate coefficients myself, specifically brand new evaluation off statistical dependence on full likelihood. I for this reason utilize this model to generate estimated survival shape and you may cumulative danger, and you will statement the latest collective threat out-of very first beginning on several, 24 and you can three-years just after marriage once the a summary figure for the dining table 1 also collective emergency contours for each fundamental adjustable checked-out. From the tables, so that the person to assess high consequences, i introduce CIs modified having pairwise reviews at the 5% level: new low-convergence ones times should be interpreted due to the fact a big change hence is tall at the 5% peak.

Desk 1

Proportion of women having got very first beginning 12, twenty four and you may 26 weeks immediately following wedding. All of the controls (age on relationships, training, quarters, region, partnership dissolution and you can birth-control consumption) are prepared to help you sample setting

Relationship cohorts

The fresh modified chances price away from an initial delivery for each cycle while the matrimony are projected for various relationships cohorts. The outcomes are given when it comes to survival plots of land ( contour step 1 ), truncated in the 36 months to own graphic clarity.